Why Do We Use Aggregates in Oklahoma City Concrete?

Oklahoma City Concrete

Whether you are working on a minor residential renovation or a major commercial project, you will likely need to use Oklahoma City concrete at some point. Your ready mix concrete supplier will create the ideal material for your project by combining cement and water with the right balance of aggregates.

Each component of the concrete mix has an essential role in determining the material’s workability in the construction process and its strength, durability, and longevity when hardened. Depending on the needs of your construction project, aggregates will comprise between 60% and 80% of the concrete in Weatherford.


How Do Aggregates Affect Oklahoma City Concrete?

Because aggregates make up such a significant amount of concrete in Oklahoma, it is essential to utilize high-quality materials, which is why experienced ready mix concrete suppliers carefully select their aggregates. When high-quality aggregates are included in the ready mix concrete:

  • The material’s strength and hardness will help the concrete resist abrasion and last through various weather conditions, including Oklahoma’s freeze-and-thaw cycles.
  • Aggregates with the ideal rough surface texture help the mixture bond more effectively, contributing to the overall strength and longevity of the hardened concrete.
  • Due to the material being non-porous and chemically inert, the concrete will not degrade from moisture exposure, even if those liquids are acidic or alkaline.

To choose the right aggregates for a project, ready mix concrete suppliers consider more than the material’s strength, hardness, and surface texture. Two additional important factors are the aggregates’ overall appearance and whether compromises are present. The best options are angular and fairly cubical aggregates that do not exceed 20 mm. These must also be free from organic substances like dirt coatings, as these decrease usability.


What Aggregates Are Used to Make Concrete in Weatherford?

When making a concrete mix, ready mix concrete suppliers must focus on more than the aggregates’ overall quality. Because each project has unique material requirements, they will determine the right blend of aggregate types. There are many types of aggregates, including these varieties:

  • Crushed rock is made by breaking down large stones into more usable pieces.
  • Gravel is created through natural erosion processes breaking down large rocks.
  • Sand is versatile because it is a fine composition of mineral and stone particles.
  • Recycled concrete is made by cracking and grinding dried concrete to reuse it.

At Whitco Concrete, we provide high-quality rock, sand, and pea gravel aggregates. Your concrete mix may include a carefully chosen balance of two aggregate types, or it may include a strategic mix of all three.


Start Your Next Project with Quality Concrete in Oklahoma

For your next project to be a success, you need to use the right materials at every step. Whether you are working on something large or small, Whitco Concrete will provide the service that you need. As an Oklahoma ready mix concrete supplier, we will deliver fully prepared materials to your worksite at the ideal time. To learn more about our services, please get in touch. Our team is ready to help you build up Oklahoma.