What Is Good Quality Aggregate?

aggregate concrete

When aggregate concrete is utilized in construction, its strength and durability must meet the levels that the specific project requires. Aggregate plays a significant role in helping the finished ready mix Weatherford concrete meet those requirements. The quality of the aggregate Oklahoma affects how easily the concrete is handled while fresh and its overall strength, durability, and longevity once it is hardened.


Understanding Aggregate Concrete

Aggregates comprise between 60% and 80% of ready-mix concrete, so it is essential that it is high-quality. For maximum efficiency, the aggregates should be durable and well-blended. Utilizing the right amount of quality aggregates will create a concrete mix with consistent workability, strength, and durability. This leads to a stable and long-lasting finished project.


What is Good Quality Aggregate Oklahoma?

There are several factors to consider that will determine whether an aggregate Oklahoma is a good choice for construction. Those factors are:

  • The aggregate’s appearance, including its size, shape, and texture.
  • The aggregate’s strength, including its hardness and density.
  • No compromises affecting the aggregate, which would decrease usability.



A majority of concrete projects utilize aggregates that are 20 mm or smaller; most coarse aggregates range in size from 4.75 mm to 18 mm. The best coarse aggregate particles are fairly cubical and angular. Flaky and elongated particles should not exceed 35% of the total aggregate quantity. Rough textured aggregates, like gravel and broken stone, are ideal because they bond the most effectively with cement and water.



In order to create high-quality concrete, the aggregates must be strong, hard, non-porous, and chemically inert. By utilizing a non-porous and chemically inert aggregate, exposure to moisture will not harm the finished concrete; this includes exposure to acidic and alkaline liquids. Using the right mix of aggregates is essential for the finished concrete’s strength. By utilizing various fraction sizes of aggregates, the resulting reduced voids lead to denser ready mix concrete.


Free of Compromises

The presence of compromises can decrease the finished concrete’s strength and durability. Because of this, the aggregates must be clean and free from dirt coatings and other organic substances before the ready mix concrete is made. The aggregates should not be too porous. Coarse aggregates that absorb more than 10% of their weight when submerged in water for 24 hours are too porous to create effective ready mix concrete.


Looking for Ready Mix Weatherford Concrete?

When it comes to aggregate, quality counts. It is essential that the aggregates have the right appearance, high strength, and are free from compromises. Whether you purchase aggregates or ready mix concrete, make sure that you only buy these important construction materials from reliable and professional suppliers.

At Whitco Concrete, our rock, sand, and pea gravel aggregates are all high-quality and produced from carefully selected natural sources. By combining our aggregates with a strategically chosen amount of water and cement, they make a strong and effective ready-mix concrete that is perfect for your next project. To start your next project with Whitco Concrete, contact us to learn more about our services and to get an estimate.