What are the Advantages of Ready Mix Concrete?

Oklahoma City Concrete

Oklahoma City concrete is one of the most important components of any construction project. It is essential to work with reliable and professional concrete services as the material significantly impacts the final structure’s strength and durability.

Because the concrete’s quality is so important to the final structure, ready mix concrete is often the best material choice. When ready mix concrete in Oklahoma is needed for a project, it is tailor-made to include the right combination of cement, water, and aggregate.


Regular or Ready Mix Oklahoma City Concrete

When deciding what concrete type to use for your next project, your options are regular and ready mix concrete. When regular concrete is used:

  • All of the necessary supplies must be delivered to and stored at the worksite.
  • There must be an adequate supply of clean water available.
  • There must be a mixing tool, such as a concrete mixing hopper, at the worksite.

The process of preparing concrete at a worksite is often messy and time-consuming. Because of this, ready mix concrete is a useful alternative. Before arriving at the worksite, ready mix concrete is prepared at a batching plant or factory. It is then transported directly to the worksite in mixers mounted on trucks.


Advantages of Ready Mix Concrete in Oklahoma

In addition to saving valuable time and worksite space, there are many benefits of utilizing ready mix concrete.



When using ready mix concrete, essential variables that control the concrete’s quality are tailored to each project’s specific needs. These variables include:

  • Compressive strength.
  • Workability.
  • Aggregate ingredient proportions.
  • Water-cement ratio.

Because of the ability to control these variables, the finished product will meet a consistent standard of quality.



When concrete is mixed at the worksite, there are high levels of labor involved. Additionally, it extends the length of the construction process. Ready mix concrete will help the construction process stay on schedule. As you will not have to take the time to mix concrete at the worksite, the time needed for construction will be reduced.


Construction Safety

Ready mix concrete presents a much lower risk than traditional means of mixing at the worksite because it has less dust emission and lower noise pollution. As worksite noise and air pollution are reduced, it is better for the environment, the surrounding residential or business area, and the construction crew.


Convenient Delivery

At Whitco Concrete, we are dedicated to providing quality ready mix concrete on time. Your project will stay on schedule because you will get your materials when you need them and will not have to take the time to prepare them yourself.



Ready mix concrete is a highly versatile construction material because it can be specially designed for individual projects. It can be used and placed in various ways, making it an excellent choice for nearly any construction project.


Reduced Waste

You will receive fixed quantities of ready mix concrete in Oklahoma, which will prevent you from mixing too much. Additionally, ready mix concrete will keep you from wasting space. If you mixed the concrete at the worksite, you would have to use valuable space to store the material and the supplies needed to make it.


Ready Mix Concrete Services

Due to its structural durability, longevity, and reliable strength, ready mix concrete is ideal for residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects. If you need high-quality ready mix concrete for your next project, contact us to get a quote.