What Are the 4 Main Types of Aggregate Concrete?

Aggregate Oklahoma

Aggregate concrete has an essential role in most construction projects. In particular, ready mix Weatherford concrete is often the best material choice because it is sturdy, versatile, and cost-effective.


Benefits of Aggregate Concrete

Because ready mix aggregate Oklahoma is tailor-made for each project, the material is often more durable and sustainable. When prepared by experienced suppliers, the concrete is sure to be high-quality. Part of that quality comes from the precise use of specific aggregates.


The Role of Aggregate in Ready Mix Weatherford Concrete

Aggregates are a key component of concrete. Selecting the right aggregates for ready mix concrete is essential because it will:

  • Make the ready mix concrete more compact.
  • Decrease the consumption of water and cement.
  • Contribute to the material’s mechanical strength.

Aggregates comprise around 60% to 75% of ready mix concrete’s total volume. By using aggregates strategically, ready mix concrete suppliers can also adjust the finished material’s water resistance and heat retention.


The Four Main Types of Aggregate Oklahoma

The main types of concrete aggregates are crushed rock, sand, gravel, and recycled concrete.


Crushed Rock

This aggregate is made by breaking down large rocks and stones into smaller pieces. The crushed rock may be igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic, or a mixture of various types.



This aggregate is a fine composition of stone and mineral particles. Sand is a very versatile material, and its source determines its specific type, properties, composition, and grain sizes.



This aggregate is produced when stones are broken down by natural moisture and erosion processes. Its specific type and size determine how it can be used in the construction process.


Recycled Concrete

This aggregate is made by breaking, cracking, and grinding down dried concrete until it reaches the correct size and texture.

At Whitco Concrete, we provide high-quality rock, sand, and pea gravel aggregates. Whether utilized in our ready mix concrete or used alone for other projects, our quality aggregates make all the difference.


Methods for Preparing Ready Mix Concrete

In addition to the various types of aggregates, there are many methods of preparing ready mix concrete. The three primary types of ready mix concrete are shrink, central, and transit mixed.


Shrink Mixed

This ready mix concrete is partially mixed in the plant mixer. The rest of the mixing process occurs while the shrink mixed concrete is in transit.


Central Mixed

This ready mix concrete is thoroughly mixed before it is added to the truck mixer. While in transit, the mixing drum acts as an agitator for the central mixed concrete.


Transit Mixed

For this ready mix concrete, all of the components are combined in the truck mixer. There are three variations of transit mixed concrete:

  • Mixed in transit: the concrete is mixed entirely on the way to the job site and is slowed to an agitating speed before use.
  • Mixed in the yard: the concrete is agitated during transit and is quickly rotated once it reaches the yard.
  • Mixed at the job site: the concrete is mixed slowly during transit and is mixed quickly at the job site before use.

At Whitco Concrete, we are experts in creating and delivering high-quality ready mix concrete. Get in touch to learn more.