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Oklahoma City Concrete

A combination of cement and aggregates such as sand and gravel, concrete is an essential component for small and large projects. Using the right concrete will help your finished project meet your desired strength and durability requirements.


Aggregate Concrete

A vital part of concrete, we provide rock, sand, and pea gravel aggregate. Quality aggregates create long-lasting concrete. A strategic aggregate selection will enhance your concrete’s durability, strength, and workability.

Family Owned & Local Concrete Services

We are a family-owned and operated business based out of Weatherford, Oklahoma. As a local business, we are dedicated to helping our fellow entrepreneurs. As native Oklahomans, we understand the challenges associated with concrete throughout the state. Meeting your needs is our top priority, which is why we are proud to provide the high-quality concrete and aggregate that every successful construction project requires.

In addition to needing quality materials, a successful project needs quality concrete services. For your project to begin and end on schedule, you need a reliable concrete supplier. For your project to last through regular use and Oklahoma’s weather, your aggregate concrete supplier must be dedicated to quality. At Whitco Concrete, we are committed to providing outstanding service to every customer. Whether your job is large or small, we are ready to serve you.

Why Use Ready Mix Oklahoma Concrete?

Because it is a highly versatile and durable material, concrete is an essential component for a variety of jobs, from relatively small commercial projects to larger commercial jobs and widespread infrastructure projects. When adding concrete to your project, you have the option to use ready mix Oklahoma concrete or to mix it yourself at the worksite.

While it is an option to mix your concrete onsite, it is often not the most effective or efficient option. In addition to the process being generally messy and time-consuming, you will also need to store all of the necessary supplies at the worksite, have an adequate supply of clean water, and have access to a concrete mixing hopper. Using ready mix concrete is the ideal solution to all of these issues.

If you decide to utilize ready mix concrete for your project, we will begin the process by carefully preparing the right mixture of cement, aggregate, and water. From there, a concrete truck will conveniently deliver thoroughly mixed concrete directly to your worksite. Instead of using up valuable space to store the materials and spending extra time preparing the material, you will receive your concrete exactly when you need it, so your project will stay on schedule.

Why Choose Our Oklahoma City Concrete?

In addition to saving you valuable time and space, there are many benefits that our innovative ready mix concrete has to offer. Whitco Concrete will carefully control and tailor each variable to ensure that your project is constructed with the highest quality material. By using the perfect combination of cement, water, and aggregate, your concrete will have the compressive strength, workability, and versatility that you need.

To create the best concrete, we carefully select and prepare our sand, rock, and pea gravel aggregates. For your project to be long-lasting and durable, we take special care to ensure that our aggregates are strong, non-porous, and free from any coatings or dirt particles that could affect the concrete’s integrity.

At Whitco Concrete, we are committed to providing quality products and excellent service. Get in touch for an estimate and to learn more about how our concrete and aggregate can make your next project a success.

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